Science at the Movies


Science at the Movies


Science at the Movies

Have you wondered if it was possible to reverse time like the Avengers? And just HOW does Thor’s hammer boomerang?  If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then this general science class is for you! Join us this 2020/21 school year as we journey together on an adventure to explore the scientific principles presented in Marvel movies!

Each week, we will study a topic from the movies, exploring such ideas as scientific probability, general science facts, historical context & myths and more! Topics will include a wide range of studies: from natural/earth science to STEM. Students will also participate in lab work, based on the course of study. Viewing of the movies will not be required, although, it may be helpful for full participation in classroom discussions.

Join Science enthusiast and Marvel aficionado, Melissa Grande as she looks at the Science- fact or fiction- of Marvel!

This course is suitable for  Middle School Students as well as High School Students who are struggling learners are need a general Science Education Credit. This course can be added to Middle School or High School Bundles, depending on if the student will count it for high school credit.


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