Spanish A – Elementary Level


Spanish A for K- 3rd Graders – Two Sections

Section Two – OPEN

Section One – FULL

  • Section One Instructor Emily Harkey
  • Meets Thursdays, 11:15-12:15 a.m. CST FULL 

Required Materials:

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Spanish A – Elementary Level Foreign Language Learning

Is your elementary student wanting to speak a foreign language but you do not know where to start? You may have bad memories of charts and workbooks in high school and do not want that for your homeschool student! In our Spanish A class we focus on fun in the online classroom and fun in our online practice! Using the award-winning curriculum Risas y Sonrisas, (Laughters and Smiles) your student will learn Spanish in an engaging and captivating way.

  • The program is multi-grade, multi-sensory, and multimedia.
  • The materials interconnect to practice the same material in different ways.
  • A combination of printed and digital games and materials keeps students engaged and classes varied.
  • Our curriculum is fully adaptable to all grade levels and experience levels.

Spanish Level A is for students K-3 grade. It is meant for involved parents to aid their students with at-home practice. There will be weekly homework that includes online games, videos, dialogue, and skit memorization and yes, just a few workbook pages.

After Risas y Sonrisas your student will be able to hold conversations about animals, food, weather, feelings, etc. Beyond Risas y Sonrisas True North has live online classes for elementary Spanish Level B, elementary Spanish Level C and high school Spanish.

Required Materials:


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