Spanish Self-Paced


Self Paced

10 month access

Students will have access to all levels of this award winning Spanish program.


Spanish Self-Paced

Spanish Self-Paced is an all-digital version of the Risas y Sonrisas complete on-line Spanish curriculum. The Online Program can be used to accompany our live on-line, instructor led classes or as a standalone curriculum. It includes fun, interactive content covering all themes in the curriculum with Animated Song videos, Sign & Sing videos, Audio & Lyrics videos, three kinds of games, Q&A for practicing conversation, and skit videos featuring native Spanish speakers.

Spanish Self-Paced provides activities that encourage multi-modal repetition and keep students engaged. All of this comes in a flexible, user-friendly interface that can be accessed on any device.

Adding this program to a Spanish program that you are already using (regardless of age, this program is excellent for beginner and intermediate Spanish learners of all ages) will allow your students to progress with their foreign language acquisition at a faster paced, giving them the confidence to begin speaking in Spanish and the boost needed to move ahead with Spanish, either academically or as a competent speaker.

BONUS FEATURE: Your student will learn simple ASL sign language as they learn Spanish. Two languages in one and fantastic for younger kidsand hands-on learners.


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