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Student Enrichment – Monthly Membership

$20.00 / month

Student Enrichment – Club Membership

Your membership includes participation by up to three children in your family. 

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Student Enrichment – Monthly Membership

Student Enrichment – Monthly Membership is an monthly subscription to True North Homeschool Academy Student Enrichment Clubs Program.
The Clubs meets during 3 Sesions:
Fall session- 12 weeks
Spring session-12 weeks
Summer session- 10 weeks
Each session will include at least 3 clubs in the following age groups for students to choose from:
Clubs categories and past clubs (and potentially future clubs):
  • Fun wtih Languages
    • French with Playdoh
    • Spanish with Legoes
  • Curiosity Clubs
    • Nature Clubs
    • Battles that Changed History
    • Medieval Weaponry
  • Literature/ Literary Clubs
    • Tolkien Club
    • Star Wars Club
    • Narnia Club
    • Linguistics Club
    • LIterary Journal Club
  • Culture Clubs
    • German Resistance Club
    • CUFI
    • Music Lovers
  • Marketable Skills Clubs
    • Investsment Club
    • Event Planning club
  • Tech Clubs
    • Minecraft Club
    • Navigating Tech
  • Craft Clubs
    • Fiber Arts
    • Nature Journaling
  • Fellowship Clubs
    • Young Mens Club
Taught by trusted True North Homeschool Academy teachers, you know your kids will be in good hands as they discover, learn and develop life skills! 
Up to 3 students in your family can choose to join three live, online, interactive classes during each session.
  • Each session families will choose from class options for k-6, Middle School, and High School
  • Students interact with other students with teacher guidance 
  • Experienced teachers put together the club materials, teach, answer questions and advise
  • Club and workshop topics are interesting and challenging

Choose Clubs as a stand-alone option, or combine the membership with our live online classes for a robust and challenging schedule!



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