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Summer Bootcamp: Latin I Review 


Summer Bootcamp: Latin I Review 

High School Class

Summer Session Course –  1/4 credit

Meets: Mondays, 10:15-11:15 a.m.  CST

Instructor: Fr. Wesley Walker


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Summer Bootcamp: Latin I Review 

Summer Bootcamp: Latin I Review is ideal for Latin students who plan to continue with the study of Latin or want to solidify what they’ve already learned. The goal of this summer review class (boot camp) is to prepare students to successfully transition to the next level of Latin. To do this, we will review what they learned in Latin I to shore up their skills by focusing on 5 noun declensions, The 6 indicative active verb tenses of the first 2 conjugations, 1st-2nd declension adjectives, and vocabulary words. 

This is a great class for students who have used a program and are looking to switch to True North Homeschool Academy classes or the Forms Latin program.

Why study Latin? Latin study is a great way to build students’ English grammar ability, vocabulary, critical thinking skills and probably raise their SAT/ACT Test scores to boot!

Course Schedule:

  • Week 1: The 5 Declensions
  • Week 2: The 1st-2nd Declension Adjectives
  • Week 3: Verbs – The Four Principal Parts
  • Week 4: Verbs – The Indicative Active Present System 
  • Week 5: Verbs – The Indicative Active Perfect System 
  • Week 6: Cumulative Review

Pre-Requisites: Latin I

Required Texts:

  • First Form Latin Student Text
  • First Form Latin Student Workbook

Suggested Materials:

  • First Form Latin Pronunciation CD
  • First Form Latin Flashcards
  • First Form Latin DVDs 

Pair this course with other Summer Session Classes or Clubs for a robust 6 weeks of learning!


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