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Survive Homeschooling Through High School


Survive Homechool High School

  • How to Measure and Assign Your Student Credits;
  • Keeping an Accurate and Correct Transcript;
  • Maintaining Your Sanity When It’s Testing Time!

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Survive Homeschool High School

Do you wonder how you will survive as you you Homeschool High School? This informative guide will take the worry and stress out of homeschooling high school. Lisa Nehring, veteran homeschooler (27 years and counting) has also worked as an Admissions Counselor for a  private graduate school and as an Academic Adviser for homeschooling students from around the world. She understands the world of homeschooling as well as the world of higher academics, what it takes to get into competitive colleges and programs, as well as how to manage students who are uniquely or gifted or disabled. Lisa has written hundreds of homechhool Transcripts and counseled many homeschool high-schoolers and their parents to success!

You’ll learn the essential details of what you need to make your way through the confusion of homeschooling for high school…

  • What exactly is a credit, how to measure a credit and how to assign your student credits; how to “credit” your students life.
  • What to do with work, volunteer, PE, Music credits and more!
    How to keep an accurate and correct transcript.
    How to maintain your sanity when it’s testing time!
  • What the differences are between the ACT and SAT and which to focus on, given your students goals and abilities!

This informative guide will be your cheat- sheet! We will help you to not only survive but thrive as you homeschool high school!

Most homeschooling parents understand how to create a Transcript but most overlook the many credits, extra-curriculars and engaging activities that their students engage in regularly that are not only credit worthy but help their student to stand out!

If you are looking for even more help in creating a Transcript that puts your student in the best light, check out our Essential Academic Advising package as well!


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