World Geography


Tuesdays 3:15- 4:15

A full year course

Becky Lundgren


Geography/ Cartography

In this course students will use the text Geography III:  Exploring and mapping the World from Memoria Press.  In class we will visit various cultures, study a broad overview of both Physical and Human Geography as well as practicing how to draw maps of the continents as well as memorize important points on these maps.  We will also be studying the relationships between locations and culture.

Students will have a chance to make the locations they are learning about relevant through study of the cultures of the area and what influenced it.  It will help to put these locations into context and make an rich experience for your child.  They will have an opportunity to present what they have leaned and drawn in class.  All that is needed for this class is the text and a sketching notebook. Students are welcome to use any maps that they have in their homes as well.

Geography III: Exploring and Mapping the World Text, Second Edition by Dayna Grant, Kate Janke

ISBN 9781615385478


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