World History


Lisa Nehring

Thursday 11:15-12:15 CST

Full Year – 1 Credit

The World History Student Bundle, The Classical Historian

The Western Experience. Eighth Edition, Published by McGraw-Hill

ISBN13: 978-0072565447 ISBN10: 0072565446


Modern World History will give a thorough overview of World History from a classical perspective.

History Content will include:

Early Human Civilizations, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Kush, Ancient Hebrews, Judaism, Ancient Greece, Greek Literature and Mythology, Ancient India, Hinduism and Buddhism, Ancient China, Confucianism, The Roman Republic, Christianity

The Fall of the Roman Empire, Islamic Civilization, Medieval China, Medieval Africa, Medieval Japan, Medieval Europe, Civilizations of the Americas,The Renaissance, The Reformation, The Scientific Revolution, The Age of Exploration

Western Political Thought, The Age of Revolution, The Age of Napoleon, The Industrial Revolution, The Age of Imperialism, Causes of World War I, Effects of World War I, The Rise of Totalitarianism, World War II – Causes of Appeasement, The Cold War in Europe, 1945-1960, The Cold War in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, 1945-1980

Student will be required to participate in class discussion, write papers, analyze primary source documents, and think through Cause and Effect. This class will be an excellent overview of history


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