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Teacher Profile

Sandra Balisky

Elementary Teacher

Sandra teaches K-6th grade math. She teaches Number Literacy through True North Homeschool Academy.

About Sandra

Sandra, formerly a Math teacher (M.A.), now homeschools her 3 kids and funnels her passion for teaching into creating engaging, hands-on Math curriculum, courses, and activities that help kids develop a deep understanding of how Math works and enjoy the learning process.

Her dream is to help raise a generation of Math Superstars who have never heard of Math anxiety and are confident in their own ability to make sense of Math. 



Sandra is fantastic with Math, her teaching style is so kid-friendly and her step-by-step courses are the best that I have come across in years. Her foundational Math courses will serve your children well in the primary years and prepare them for the advanced levels. Like I like to say: Once you have been shown how to do Math you can conquer it with confidence.


Parent of Student - Math Facts (Developing Number Sense) class

My daughter loves art but isn’t too thrilled with Math. I knew they could go together but just had a hard time doing it myself. I am so excited about these classes! She really enjoyed the first class, and is excited to do the next one!


Parent of Student - Math Art