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Teacher Profile

Sara Swanson

True North Homeschool Academy Teacher

Sara Swanson teaches fiber arts classes including our elective, Knitting & Crochet, through True North Homeschool Academy.

About Sara

Sara resides with her family in Carver County, MN. Her and her family love living in the country and enjoy the slower pace of country life. Sara is in her happy place when she has yarn in her hands. She truly believes that fiber arts is less about “just making something” and more about blessing someone with the finished product.


Homeschool Experience

Sara has three kids ages 5-13. When her older two kids were starting school they homeschooled for four years then decided it was time for a school setting as her oldest was really struggling to read and needed help. They love their tiny private school where they have attended for four years and is where two of the kids will attend in the fall but their oldest will be coming back home to homeschool in the fall.

As a family they truly believe that as kids get older education can be tailored to the child’s strengths and future goals. Their oldest is a very talented artist and avid historian so her education will be tailored to give her the best possible future doing what she loves.


Accomplishments & Experience

Twelve years ago Sara’s mother in law taught her how to knit and the love of fiber arts was born. A few years later her Mother In Law passed away and Sara inherited her massive yarn collection. Buried in the bottom of a garbage bag were several unfinished crochet blankets so she decided that she would learn how to crochet and finish these blankets to give them to her sons.

Fast forward 10 years, those blankets have yet to be finished but the love of crochet has grown into a business teaching others the art of fibers and the love of crocheting along with how fiber arts can benefit our mental health. Her business teaches all the skills of crocheting but also the importance of making things that can be a blessing to others whether it be shawls and lap blankets for Assisted Living facilities or hats and scarves for Chemo patients and the homeless.

This is a skill that’s meant to be shared!

She is a Certified Crochet Instructor with the Craft Yarn Council.



“We are so thankful for your online academy. This year has been an answer to prayer!”


Homeschooling parent