Struggling Learners • Special Needs

Special Needs and Struggling Learners will benefit from our small, therapeutically based program! Our Teachers have years of combined teaching experience working with special needs and struggling learners. 



Upcoming Classes

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  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Phonics

Special Needs Academic Advising

Small Class Sizes

Our classes are deliberately small to:

  • Facilitate personalized attention for each child.
  • Decrease anxiety in students.
  • Allow dynamic and educationally therapeutic interaction between teachers, parents, and students.

SPED Equipping

Parents Equipping meets weekly

  • Weekly Bible/Book Study
  • Weekly Parent Equipping
  • Weekly Coffee and Chat

Therapy Model of Intervention

K – 12th Grade

Our Special Needs courses are based on a therapy model of intervention. Higher-level thinking skills will be developed and supported in interactive, small-group classes that cover reading or math instruction while mediation, Socratic questioning, and strengthening of cognitive functions will serve as the core methodology. We create an atmosphere where anxiety is reduced and thinking is maximized.

An Interactive Approach

With this type of educational therapy format, classes are kept small in order to facilitate a true cooperative learning environment. We use a discovery model of learning where students discover a concept instead of being told facts. This type of hands-on approach to education encourages creativity and critical thinking.

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