Latin, Math & Music- the Universal Languages

Latin, Math & Music- the Universal Languages

Latin, Math and Music are the three universal languages. In other words, they transcend the culture barrier and speak to people  Music regardless of what language they were raised with.

Math, because it is symbolic and defines shapes, space, time, volume and concepts. You don’t need to share a language to share the beauty and simplicity of math. But you do need math to cook, build, create, shop, and so much more.

Music because it is evocative, but also keeps time, allowing us to understand something basic or complex with emotion, cadence and rhythm. Music allows us to respond to each other and the universe despite ability, age, reason or language. We all have

Latin because it is the basis of Western Civilization and the root of so many romance languages. The Ancient world was governed by it and to understand culture (Western Culture) it is so helpful and beneficial to understand the language that captures that culture. We’ve used Henle Latin for the past couple of years and we are always laughing about the Gauls feature heavily- being killed, floating down the river, found in forests and trees. It’s funny now, thousands of years later and also because I am not in fact, a Gaul. But we talk about how Rome was a military culture and brought order and uniformity to a pagan society.


As homeschoolers, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amazing resources and curricula that abounds. It’s a plethora of riches! But if you feel lost and burdened by how much you could do, take heart and simplify! If you only did Math, Music and Latin, you would have highly educated kids who have the universal languages at their fingertips!

My last kid at home has passed me up in Latin, and Music and soon, Math as well. That’s part of what my point with homeschooling would be, though, that I work myself out of a job. She’ll be taking Algebra II, Latin II and Music Theory this year through True North Homeschool Academy. Super excited about having her sit under the tutelage of George McBride, Gus Henebry and Deborah Leaverton. Meanwhile, I’ll focus on teaching her subjects I love and have a bit more acumen in- World Literature and Christian Psychology.

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