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Tamare Pool True North Homeschool Academy teacher  teaches live online homeschool classes.

Teacher Profile

Tamara Pool

True North Homeschool Academy Teacher

Mrs. Pool teaches American Literature and Composition, Psychology, Orienteering, Speech, and Debate.

About Tamara

Mrs. Pool grew up on the South Side of Chicago and settled with her family (husband,  3 children, and an assortment of pets) in Des Moines, IA, 17 years ago, when she began formally homeschooling.

She has homeschooled her three children all the way through high school while also pursuing side jobs (writing for publications like HyVee Seasons and Life Beautiful and coaching voice and speech) to pay for books and music lessons.


Professional Degrees & Experience

Mrs. Pool graduated from North Central University in Mpls, MN, with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Communication Arts & Psychology. She and her husband are both licensed ministers and have served on multi-staffed churches from 1994-2019 when her husband transitioned into hospice chaplaincy and she took a part-time position with Joppa as Communications Director.


I asked my children and they couldn’t come up with one weakness. I recommend your classes (Tamara Pool) to everyone because I think you are a fantastic teacher. Strengths: fun, engaging, organized, clear communicator, the right balance of rigor and grace. Weaknesses: none, zero, zilch.

Chrissy J.

Homeschooling Mom of 6