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True North Homeschool Academy • Teachers

True North Homeschool Academy offers online classes for students in grades K-12.

  The teachers at True North Homeschool Academy are qualified and passionate about teaching.

They are knowledgeable about their subject matter and committed to the success of each student!

Click on their team profiles to view more about their background, educational philosophy, and experience.

We can't say enough about our team of teachers!

Each member of our team has excellent qualifications, and experience with the courses they teach or clubs they lead. 

They are dedicated to providing quality education as well as creating an atmosphere where students can interact with one another online under the guidance of a teacher. Teacher-led courses include group instruction, time for answering questions one-on-one and grading for each assignment. All of which makes it easy for homeschool parents to document their child’s online classes and accomplishments.  

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