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The Race

The Race is on! We are getting ready to celebrate the graduation of our fourth kiddo. He is 6’2″, blond, happy, Godly, talented, and kind. The past 12 years of homeschooling have gone by as fast as the speed of light; during the course of his childhood we’ve graduated older siblings, had a house fire and massive re-model project, buried grandparents, had health issues, had adult children in the home, and  had both parents working.  We’ve started co-ops, class-days, tutored, brought TeenPact to our area, and started businesses. It’s been busy.

And now that he’s graduating it has struck me how fast the time has gone by. It’s been a good run. We’ve read so many books, listened to books on tape, watched movies, memorized Latin, written and read papers, worked on presentations, done a boatload of plays, memorized a ton, done math,  read even more history, drawn, gardened, eaten, celebrated, grieved, sought God and done more of the same.

The Race to what’s next. He’s launching-just like True North Homeschool Academy, into an future that we don’t know yet. But he is as prepared as we know how to humanly prepare him. Again, much like True North. We have laid a firm foundation and have prayerfully considered the future. We plan and prepare, buying food for the party, putting together a picture montage and transcript. We’ll celebrate all that he, and we, have accomplished and thank-God for the past season, while we look to the season to come.

Our son, just like True North Homeschool Academy, is venturing into new territory. We are confident that God has and will continue to guide our steps. We have prepared diligently, have amazing teachers, awesome courses and decades of experience at the ready to assist you in creating the kind of amazing homeschooling experience we’ve had with our kids as we’ve homeschooled them.

We’d love to walk alongside you as you homeschool! Let us know if you’d like more information about courses, teachers or coaching!