Traditional Logic

Your compliant child has turned into a tween or teen that loves nothing better than to argue- even about seemingly mundane and silly things. Knowing not only when to to argue, but how to argue persuasively and winsomely is an art form! (One look at the media will attest to the fact that it might be a dying art form). This class will teach your kids how to recognize the difference between valid and true arguments, as well as how to form their own.
The Traditional Logic course guides students through a study of classical logic. Through in-depth instruction on principles of logic, propositions and complex syllogisms, and forms of arguments, students learn the structure of reasoning and formation of ideas.
  • Traditional Logic I Student Text: ISBN #9781615388769
  • Traditional Logic II Student Text: ISBN #9781615388745

Spring Semester Classes & Clubs: Civics: Constitutional Studies, STOA Forensics and Speech, Creating Priorities for Students & Parents! Dismiss

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