Why True North Homeschool Academy?


Judeo-Christian Principals: We are people of the book. Word driven. Word inspired. In an image-saturated, sound-bite culture, you can rest in the fact that True North Homeschool Academy takes a traditional Biblical stance that transcends current fads in education and politics.

We are committed to excellent academics precisely because of our traditional Biblical faith. In fact, it is our faith that informs and drives everything else that we do.


Our Academic Team consists of experienced educators and homeschoolers who are committed to bringing quality academics and a solid Judeo-Christian world view to your on-line classroom.

We come alongside of you to achieve your High School goals, setting your student up for future success!



The world of education is changing quickly, bringing with it unique challenges and opportunities.

On-line education affords you quality academics, flexibility and a safe and nurturing academic environment with competent, caring educational professionals!


We believe that Education is the transmission of culture.

Our goal is to convey a culture of truth, beauty and goodness, alongside quality content and skills, with every course!


Education is serious business, but there’s a lot of joy to be found in hard work, accomplishment and conquering difficult tasks. At True North Homeschool Academy, our teachers know that laughter is good medicine!

We love our subject matter and can’t wait to share it with you with joy and enthusiasm.

Our faculty is dedicated to bringing you informative, engaging and fun classes!


A portion of all sales goes to support persecuted Christians (please click the links for CJCUC and HolyLand Missions at the bottom of this page to learn more).

All full-time ministry and military families are eligible to apply for a discount to our classes, with appreciation for your ministry and service!

Our Vision and Our Mission

Our Vision

We are committed to showing you that a dynamic, prepare for launch, skill building life of a homeschool high schooler can be reality. Like everyone else in the world, homeschoolers have good days times and bad, but we promise to show you reality, with honesty and humor. Homeshooling CAN be the adventure of a childhood. We are committed to coming alongside of you and helping you make your adventuresome dreams reality for your and your homeschooled young adult.

Our Mission

True North Homeschool Academy is committed to coming alongside parents to provide an exceptional on-line learning experience that exceeds the highest academic standard for for 6th-12th grade students in a flexible and affordable learning environment.

About True North Homeschool Academy


Experience, Education, Vision.

Real Experiences. Real Relationships.

Our History

Wanda Burdick was an educational pioneer, homeschooling her own children and founding a cottage school in Michigan. Together with her husband, Jeff, she advocated for the legal rights of homeschoolers and taught with joy and passion. About ten years ago, Wanda and Jeff moved south. With the encouragement of faithful students and family, Wanda picked up HomeschoolWorks4U and put it on-line. Many loyal customers were blessed by the amazing scholastic program and personalized service Wanda provided until her untimely death in August of 2017.

I actually never met Wanda, but was introduced to HomeschoolWorks4U by a mutual friend of both Wanda and myself.  I ran into this friend during the summer of ’17. As we were visiting I shared that I worked remotely for a large educational company but was looking to start a business in education. She mentioned that HomeschoolWorks4U was looking for a new owner. I called Jeff Burdick that very week, only to find that Wanda had passed away just days before.

Despite the awkward timing, Jeff was excited about the possibility of handing over the school to someone with the same heart and vision to serve homeschooling families with quality academics and solid Christian values. We both consider it God’s timing as the transition served a need in both of our lives.

We are so grateful that Jeff Burdick has decided to continue on with True North Homeschool Academy to teach World Civilizations and Government & Economics as well as to offer an encouraging word!

Dorothy Irene Gorman was born in 1916 in Missouri, but lived the majority of her life in the wilds of Chicago. She loved animals, plants people, her family and learning. She married a divorcee with two young children and brought stability, music, books, and warmth to their lives, going to work to pay for her daughter’s college education and working well into her 70’s. She died a few weeks short of her 100th birthday, living alone in her home in Chicago, surrounded by pets, plants, books and the love of those whose lives she invested in so well.

Dorothy Gorman was my Gram. She married my Grandpa and became Ma to my Mom when my Mom was a little unMomma’d girl of eight, who was regularly beat up by the other kids in the neighborhood and who couldn’t read. Gram made it her personal mission to love Mom and my Uncle as well as she knew how; she cleaned them up, made them beautiful homemade clothes (Gram was a professional seamstress) and made sure they both understood the importance of education. She began a literacy program with my Mom that included reading Shakespeare to her daily. If Mom could read a snippet back to her at the end of the week, they would walk to the local 5&10 and Mom could pick out a Mother West Wind book (I still have the original collection). In this way, Mom started the 4th grade clean, cared for and reading exceptionally well.

Education has always been an important part of the life of my family; which is one of the reason we chose, so many years ago, to homeschool. My Gram was always a a bit ahead of her time, but loved the traditional, the good, the beautiful. In so many ways, True North Homeschool Academy is something that she would have loved and endorsed whole-heartedly. I can imagine telling her all about it and feeling her approval and the pride she would have taken in the classes we offer and the exceptional teachers we have on board. She would have taken my hand in hers, looked up at me (cause I’m tall and she was short) with her beautiful deep brown eyes, squeezed my fingers gently and nodded her approval.

Those of us at True North Homeschool Academy have homeschooled or been homeschooled We love the joy and freedom that this life-style affords and are passionate and dedicated educators who believe that education is the transmission of culture. Our goal and prayer is to transmit a culture of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, founded on Biblical Christianity.

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