Why True North Homeschool Academy?


Judeo-Christian Principals: We are people of the book.

Word driven. Word inspired.


Our Academic Team consists of experienced educators who are committed to bringing quality academics and their passion for the subject matter to each class. 


We stay current with educational trends, while at the same time adhering to time tested academic pedagogy. 


We believe that Education is the transmission of culture.


Education is serious business, but there is great joy to be found in conquering difficult tasks. 


A portion of all sales goes Blessing Bethlehem. 

Ministry and military families are eligible to apply for a discount to our classes. Call or email for information! 

Experience, Education, Vision.

Real Experiences. Real Relationships.

What’s the Story? 

Our family began homeschooling in 1991 as a result of two things: My writing a Master’s Thesis on “Why Parent’s Homeschool” and our living in Los Angeles. 

My lit review for my thesis focused on the History of Education in America. Eye-opening? You can say that again! The government school system is not failing, it is doing exactly what it was intended to do- create worker bees for industrialists. The names have changed but the game remains the same. Are there some great public school programs out there and teachers dedicated to making sure kids succeed? Absolutely. But the system, my friends, the system itself has an internal problem that may not be solvable. My lit review caused us to resolve to seek out alternative forms of education for our kids-  education that addressed the whole person- not just the intellect or the social role of the student – but who they were as people with unique gifts and talents. Our quest for this has taken on us on a crazy, quarter century long journey! 

At the same time I was writing my thesis, we lived in Los Angeles. Visits to area elementary schools made apparent deep seated system-wide challenges. As graduate students, we knew that we only had a year or two left before we’d be moving and so we decided to  strike out as homeschoolers. Post graduate school garnered us a position in the military, which meant another couple of moves, and by the time graduate school and our military commitments were completed, we were sold on the freedom, flexibility and fun of homeschooling. 

Since then we have graduated four of our five kids, who have gone on to college, vo-tech school, military, marriage and entrepreneurship, some with full ride scholarships. Our kids have traveled the country – and sometimes out of it-  and have had some amazing experiences because of the time, flexibility and resources, homeschooling has afforded us.

Homeschooling has included reading a zillion great books, traveled the country and too many math curriculum’s to count. Along the way, I’ve also blogged, done done hundreds of product and curriculum reviews, worked for large educational companies, brought national programs to our state, advised students from around the world, taught a plethora of subjects, spoken at conventions and and written eBooks. God provided an opportunity to start True North Homeschool Academy (formerly HomeschoolWorks4U- we’ve been on-line for over a decade!) and we gratefully accepted the challenge! At True North Homeschool Academy  we are bringing our quarter centuries worth of experience, commitment to excellence, and love of learning to bear as we hire teachers, choose curriculum and create programs.

You have plenty of on-line options that will teach your kids basic course material. What makes us stand out from the crowd? Excellent content delivery but passionate teachers- Yes! But more importantly:

the opportunity for each student to grow in skill, ability and wisdom.

We’d love for you to join our on-going story. Education is the transmission of culture and the culture we are imparting is one of truth, beauty and goodness.

Isn’t it time you joined us in the journey, headed True North?