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Learn & Grow Together!

True North is offering NEW memberships for your family. The Parent Equipping Membership and the Student Enrichment Memberships can help make this the best year ever. Register now or keep reading to find out more!

Membership Types

Kids Clubs & Enrichment

Creative interactive online classes & clubs that your homeschoolers will love – for all levels. K-12-year-old homeschoolers can participate in our casual clubs all year long. These are not the same as academic classes with True North, but are courses designed for the casual fun learning community of the membership “collective”. You can also bundle this with parent support and equipping.

Parent Equipping

Mentoring and discussion that will benefit homeschooling parents of all types of kids. Each week homeschool parents can participate in our online book clubs, homeschool Q&A and even special guest webinars throughout the year. Both the student membership and parent memberships allow you to pay monthly or in one lump sum for your annual membership. Our mission is your success!

K-12 Student Enrichment Clubs

These are clubs and workshops created and offered exclusively for our membership group and are more than just clubs for the kids to “get together online.

They are educational opportunities. 

Your annual membership includes participation by up to three children in your family. 

Your child’s club membership allows them to participate in three enrichment opportunities each trimester (Fall, Spring & Summer).

Elementary Enrichment

12 Week Clubs

During each trimester we offer a variety of core classes and fun electives in our club membership. Visit the Clubs Membership Page to see the types of clubs we have offered in the past. And Go HERE to see the current listing.

High School Enrichment Clubs

12 Week Clubs

Students can choose from these specially curated clubs. Annual Club Enrichment Membership is a family membership and allows for up to 3 children to participate in three clubs during each session. Visit the Clubs Membership Page to see the types of clubs we have offered in the past. And Go HERE to see the current listing.

Middle School Clubs

12 Week Clubs

Your homeschoolers will benefit from the interaction and discussion but these are educational clubs and casual classes which include homework, teacher guidance and include hands-on projects and labs. Visit the Clubs Membership Page to see the types of clubs we have offered in the past. And Go HERE to see the current listing.

Register Today!

The purpose of the Student Enrichment Clubs membership program is to provide creative and fun interactive classes to homeschooling students at an affordable price.

These are not our full-year academic classes.

True North Homeschool Academy teachers excel in creating fascinating classes and in this club membership, they have compiled a program of quality educational courses offered at a reasonable price. 

Visit the Clubs Membership Page to see the types of clubs we have offered in the past. And Go HERE to see the current listing.

Gift Cards for K-12 Classes & Clubs


Give the gift of life-long learning! Now you can order gift cards for our K-12 online classes and clubs as well as our Parent Equipping Program.

Perfect for the grandparents that want to help with your homeschooling adventures.

Give a gift card to a homeschooling family in need. This is a terrifc last minute gift, or a surprise stocking stuffer for a homeschool student.

Personalize your gift with a message and choose your delivery date - your recipient can use it on a class of their choice. Take a look at the core and elective classes we offer each semester. 

Click below to view available gift cards.

Get Equipped! 

Parent Equipping Membership Information

The Parent Equipping Program from the True North Homeschool Academy is truly innovative. The goal of the membership’s parent equipping program is to support and serve home educating parents and Special Needs homeschooling parents. The focus is two-fold; to be a resource for practical tools and information that will prepare and enable homeschooling parents to succeed, and to provide a space for fellowship and encouragement.


Virtual Mom's Night Out

The True North Collective is a forum for chat and building relationships online.


Online Workshops

Find answers about awarding credit, creating transcripts, homeschool planning, dual enrollment…etc.


LIVE & Interactive

Parent Equipping Master Classes & Workshops are interactive with time for you to get to know the other homeschool parents and get answers from the session leaders.


Special Needs Resources

Parents of children with special needs or those who are struggling academically need resources and support too. Our Special Needs Parent Equipping session is designed for you!

How to Purchase Memberships

Parent Equipping & Student Enrichment Clubs

Check out our current subscription options below.

  • Membership Gift Card – One Year of Student Enrichment Clubs

  • Sale!

    Student Enrichment – Annual Membership

    $218.00 / year
  • Sale! Student Enrichment - Monthly Membership

    Student Enrichment – Monthly Membership

    $20.00 / month


What People Are Saying…

Parent equipping has been awesome! I joined for G, but I am getting so much out of the membership myself. Tina D.

My kids have really loved the nature journaling! Rachael L.

The TNHA Membership has allowed us to get out of our 8 yr bubble & trying something new! It’s really been eye-opening what resources are out there for us all. Definitely the parent equipping events have been worth joining the Membership for! Frannie D.

The teachers! All wonderful! Katherine S.

Minecraft has been a big win- all my kids designing and working together. There has been something for each of us to learn and grow. My daughter has blossomed with Poetry and Teatime! Amy E.

The fellowship not only between moms but between the kids too – has been a big win for our family! Nicole F.

Join us today!

We invite you to be part of our membership and look forward to getting to know you and your family! Visit our website to see all the types of classes we offer and let us know if you have any questions about the memberships or about True North Homeschool Academy.

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