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True North Homeschool Academy Homeschool Tribe


Want to know about one of our best-kept secrets!  Our True North Homeschool Academy Tribe

If you’ve ever been in a tough spot in life, you KNOW how important your Tribe is.

What’s a Tribe? It’s a group of people who surround you and support you when life throws things at you.

It’s your support group, your lifeline, your one-of-a-kind friend group.

And that, my friends, is what we want to build here. I know you have a million FB groups you could join. I also know your time is valuable and I *so* appreciate your presence here.

What’s the Tribe? It’s a private group for homeschoolers looking for support, encouragement, and practical actionable advice when it comes to educating your kids. 

What to expect in the Tribe:

  • Streaming video from Lisa Nehring on topics important to you, such as homeschool transcripts, homeschooling high school, and subject-related advice (what Math is best for my child?)
  • Freebies that you’ll actually use
  • Group only discount codes
  • Veteran homeschooling advice from our veteran members
  • Offers from our specially selected homeschool biz friends
  • Timely articles relevant to your homeschool journey
  • Tribe only videos from our Masterclasses
  • and lots of great conversation!

Right now in the Tribe, we’re talking about all things Writing! 

So, if you’re not already in the Tribe, won’t you take a moment to join us? JOIN HERE