(The following post is part of the Help for the Homeschool Mom series from My Joy-Filled Homeschool.)

If you scan homeschool groups, you will inevitably see posts from Mom’s who are burned out, stressed out and possibly flipped out. No amount of coffee can fix it. Considerations for outsourcing occur with possible calls to the local public or private school. Daydreams of the blissful life that will happen occupy mom’s waking moments; time to drink HOT coffee, read a novel and have a complete thought beckon.

But then you remember why you are homeschooling and recommit to making it happen. Even with your determination you may still be faced with a lack of energy or gumption or overwhelm. When times like this occurs, because they inevitably will, it’s good to have a fall back in place.

What’s a Fall Back?

It’s what you turn to when things go south. It’s when you move or turn back or retreat. For homeschool moms, fallbacks are necessary. These allow you to manage the complexities of living with real people with real obstacles in your life and still accomplish something. In other words, they will enable you to live, homeschool and do so guilt free.

Is it your perfect plan? Not necessarily. But it is your do-able plan. In other words, a guilt-free plan for getting through difficulties.

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