(The following post is a review written by Gabriella Micheel, a student in True North Homeschool Academy’s Writing Club.)

“Iron sharpens iron, and so one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17.

This bible verse clearly identifies that we can benefit from working with others to improve our skills. In Writing Club, hosted by Lisa Nehring and True North Academy, I have found a group of friends all interested in writing, and we help one another grow in skill.

Everyone agrees that to improve one’s writing, one must write. Some people believe they need accountability and support to grow as a writer, some people do not believe they need accountability and support to grow as a writer. Aspiring writers should join writing club is because Writing Club provides writing prompts, it is an opportunity to share book recommendations, and is a forum to share writing.

Twice a month, on Friday mornings, a group of middle and high school students join together in a ninety-minute online video (Zoom) conference, led by Mrs. Nehring. We are able to talk back and forth, read and listen, and even break out into small groups. It is like we are in the same room, but we get the fun of meeting other kids from all over the country.

At the beginning of the semester, Mrs. Nehring had us set writing goals for our year, and we share our goals and progress with one another. We have each other’s email addresses, so we can share work outside of club time, and get feedback on whatever we are working on, whenever we need it.

The first reason aspiring writers should join Writing Club is that we are provided writing prompts.

The writing prompts we are given are words, phrases, or a place. These simple prompts are helpful to getting the creative juices flowing. Often it is surprising, even to yourself, how much you can write in the short amount of time you have for this activity. Since these prompts are usually things not typically thought of as a subject to write about, they help to push people out of their comfort zone. For most people, writing on the spot is a new experience, which means that it can produce new growth and fun results.

The second reason aspiring writers should join Writing Club is the opportunity to share book recommendations.

Good writers are good readers, and finding good books to read is a gift. Knowing how to summarize the basic story of a book without spoiling the ending is a worthy skill not often taught. Sharing books you’ve enjoyed is fun so that you can have people to discuss them with.

The third reason aspiring writers should join Writing Club is to have a forum to share writing.

Good writers write. The gentle accountability Writing Club provides to write on a frequent basis makes all the difference in how much writing one produces. Getting critiques and feedback from other writers is very helpful to improve your writing. Sharing your own work can be intimidating, but everyone in writing club is encouraging to their fellow writers and has great feedback. Kindly giving valuable critiques is a good skill to learn too, so that you can help people to improve without making them feel bad. Hearing others writing can spark inspiration and its always fun to hear others creativity.

Some people might not think they need accountability, they argue that they can write whenever they feel like it, or can only write when they feel creative. However, writing simply whenever they feel like it probably isn’t often enough to improve, and it is tough to improve on something you don’t do on a regular basis. Accountability doesn’t have to be scary, it can be gentle as well.

Another reason people may not join Writing Club is that they prefer to work alone, and don’t want someone else to critique their work. Learning to take constructive criticism and share one’s work are important steps in growing as a writer and as a person. This experience will certainly make one a better writer.

Aspiring writers should join Writing Club for three reasons: Writing Club provides writing prompts, an opportunity to share book recommendations, and a forum to share writing. Young writers should care about joining writing club because it will help to encourage them in their talent, make them more confident in sharing their work with others, and help them to write more from seeing everyone else’s work.



Gabriella (Gabi) Micheel is a thirteen-year-old writer, artist, singer, Hufflepuff, Christian, bookworm, and learner. She lives in South Dakota with her parents, younger brother, and dog. In addition to Writing Club, Gabi enjoys book club, handbell and vocal choir, painting, drawing, softball, and hanging out with her friends. Historical fiction is her favorite book genre, since you can learn about historical events from a personal perspective, while still reading fiction. If you want to see her art, you can follow her Instagram account (@Kira_Rose142).